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Lactic acid bacteria-producing extract directly approaches the intestinal immune system


Even if you don't know the name Mechnikov*, the relationship between intestinal flora and health is now common knowledge. In the past, our understanding of the intestines was chaotic, but in recent years, with the availability of comprehensive metagenomic analysis of the intestinal bacterial flora using next-generation sequencers, it has become increasingly clear that the intestinal flora plays an important role in human health and disease. As a result, it was discovered that the involvement of intestinal bacteria extends to the brain, not to mention life-supporting mechanisms such as the immune system, and the intestines have come to be called the second brain.

On the other hand, with the term "intestinal flora" as a slogan, there is a sales battles for probiotics (such as lactic acid bacteria) and prebiotics (such as dietary fiber, oligosaccharide, and non-digestible dextrin) that claim to improve the intestinal environment. In TV commercials, lactic acid bacteria beverage manufacturers appeal that "aging is from the intestines" and "take care for the intestines", but I think many people may wonder if just taking these supplements and lactic acid bacteria products will make them healthier. The principle of these products is basically to improve the condition of the intestinal flora and improve the health by increasing or energizing the good bacteria in the intestines. Many people may have some idea of the close relationship between aging and intestinal flora, but may be taking those products with some doubts.

In fact, it is known that most of the work done by the intestinal flora is in the substances produced by the intestinal bacteria that make up the intestinal flora. Recently, short-chain fatty acids, which are produced by lactic acid bacteria by breaking down dietary fiber, have been attracting attention because of its various functions. For example, preventing infection, inducing immune cells called "regulatory T cells", and stimulating the mucous membrane of the large intestine to promote peristalsis. However, in recent years, researchers in the UK conducted a metagenomic analysis of the feces of elderly people to investigate how the intestinal bacteria change with age, and surprisingly found that the intestinal bacteria of the elderly people lack the very genes that produce short-chain fatty acids. If the genes that produce functions are lost due to aging, it is no longer possible to hope for functional recovery by prevaiotics or probiotics.

The plan that we are advocating for intestinal flora is to directly approach the immune system that supports our health and directly activate the immune function by taking extracts produced only by highly active lactic acid bacteria, without targeting the aging and dysfunctional intestinal flora.


We do not try to forcibly rejuvenate the intestinal flora that has lost its function at the genetic level due to aging. Instead of that, we supplement the functions that the intestinal flora should perform, by taking extracts produced by healthy lactic acid bacteria, In other words, it is a method of preparing the ingredients and information that the immune system originally requires in a different way, and delivering them directly.

Lactic acid bacteria producing substance and lactic acid bacteria


*Mechnikov (1845-1916): Russian bacteriologist who advocated that putrefactive products by bacteria were the cause of aging and that yogurt was effective for longevity.

What is Latic Acid Bacteria producing extract?


One of the reasons why we can live for 100 years is that microorganisms inside and outside our bodies protect us from various external enemies such as pathogens and viruses. In particular, the defense system of the immune system, centered on the intestinal flora, is the strongest. Immune cells are stimulated by the direct contact of intestinal bacteria with the intestinal wall, and by the absorption of various culture products (production substances) secreted by intestinal bacteria through the intestinal wall; our health is protected by the various chemical reactions that occur when the immune system is stimulated.

I mentioned earlier that the function of these intestinal flora declines at the genetic level as we age. There is no part of our body that does not age, and the intestinal flora is no exception. Distancing ourselves from research that defies genes and revives cells by turning back the clock, we have developed another method as a means of restoring our immune system, which we are losing. It is a way to directly approach these immune cells that are working as sensors in the intestinal wall, which is at the front line of our immune system.

The lactic acid bacteria-producing extract (lactic acid bacteria-producing Bio-Products) is a concrete realization of this. We independently manufacture the extract produced by lactic acid bacteria and sell it as a basic ingredient for functional foods and cosmetics under the name of "Lactzyme".

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COVID-19 and natural immunity


A number of papers have been published on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). According to these papers, the overall mortality rate of COVID-19 patients is 3.7%, which seems to be closely correlated with age. The mortality rate is less than 1% for those under 50, but it increases from this age, reaching about 15% for those over 80. In addition to age, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes also seem to be risk factors. The commonality of these risk factors is not clear, but it is thought to be related to natural immunity that creates resistance to infection. In particular, it is highly likely that this is caused by a decline in the function of phagocytes, such as macrophages, which underlie natural immunity. In fact, it is known that the phagocytic function of macrophages is reduced in many chronic diseases with age.


On the other hand, there are indications that there is less incidence and severity of COVID-19 in areas where the BCG vaccine has been administered, and it has been noted that there may be memory or training of natural immunity by the BCG vaccine. However, because the BCG vaccine is an attenuated vaccine made from viable bacteria, it has strong side effects and cannot easily be used to prevent COVID-19.
Taken together, we believe that maintaining a high level of natural immunity is an effective way of preventing infection and aggravation of COVID-19. For that purpose, it is important to enhance the immune function of the whole body (which starts from the intestinal immune system), and to have active transmission to activate intestinal immune cells (which is originally performed by highly active good bacteria). Extracts produced by lactic acid bacteria, such as Lactzyme, will become increasingly important.

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