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Lactic acid bacteria producing substance and lactic acid bacteria

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the close relationship with health, aging, and intestinal environment has become clear. Until then, what was happening in the intestine was unknown as chaos, but now that instruments for genetic analysis have been sold at a low price, it has become possible to see the work of intestinal flora one after another, Research on intestinal flora (Enterobacteriaceae clustered like a flower garden) at universities, research institutes, and companies is accelerating.

These studies have revealed that intestinal flora affects the life support mechanism such as immune function, as well as intestinal flora works to the brain, and the intestine is called the "second brain" It came to be. However, no matter how much research has progressed, there is still no clear answer to what the gut should be for health.

On the other hand, in Japan, which is a longevity country, sales battles for lactic acid bacteria and dietary fiber are taking place in the intestinal flora.
While a lactic acid bacteria beverage manufacturer advertises on TV commercials that "aging is from the intestines" and "take care for the intestines", just taking these lactic acid bacteria products and supplements will wonder if they will get away from the disease and become healthy I think there are many people.
The close relationship between aging and intestinal flora can make an image, but there is no convincing explanation of what to do with intestinal flora.

The method of using intestinal flora proposed by us is completely different from the above method of drinking lactic acid bacteria directly. Our method is a new concept of using Bio-Products, which jumps over intestinal flora, which is a collection of enteric bacteria, Directly approaches the immune system that supports our health, and uses the entire system.

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