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The health is indispensable to pursue quality of life especially in the long-life countries such as Japan.
However, most of modern people look severely damaged by both mental and physical strains.Despite the progress of the modern medicine, we must recognize that we have to obtain our own health by our own hand.
Along with the progress of the enterobacterial studies, the more attention tends to be paid on the relation between the enteric environment, and health and researches are recently expanded over immunity, aging, and the life support mechanism.
The “Kai-ki-gen” is the food product made of the extract of the specially fermented (by using 16 kinds of good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria) soybean,which is free both from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and not genetically modified.
Please let the enterobacteria-produced “Kai-ki-gen” serve to improve your health.


Internal capacity 300ml
Packaging 60ml bottle x 5
Shape Liquid form


  • High-capacity type with a 60ml container and 5 bottles in one box.

    As a result of various tests over many years, we set the effective use amount of lactic acid bacteria extract when the effect is expected earliest as 20 ml per day.
    Since one container is 60 ml, one light source box is 15 days worth. If you do not want the function up to that, please decide the usage period of one box based on this amount.

  • Use 100% stock solution of concentrated lactic acid bacteria extract without dilution with water etc.

    Kaikigen does not add water or other ingredients that reduce the concentration of the undiluted solution except that a few percent of malic acid and citric acid are added for seasoning.

  • High concentration type recommended for those who want to realize the functionality of lactic acid bacteria extract at maximum.

    Kaikigen does not do any work that decreases functionality such as dilution and price reduction. Rather, in order to enhance the functionality, we have treated the concentrated culture solution as a stock solution.

  • No preservatives such as alcohol and spirits are added.

    Kaikigen is high in nutritive value and contains high concentrations of amino acids, etc., so various bacteria are a major enemy. We do not add preservatives such as alcohol and spirits that have bactericidal effects, and ship in a state of aseptic condition.

How to use

  • Please mix it with drinking water and drinks such as juice and enjoy it several times a day as a guide.
    From children to the elderly, please use to maintain the health of your family.
    (Recommended is a method of diluting with a little sour drink such as acerola juice)


  • Kaikigen contains milk ingredients, so please refrain from drinking if you are suspected of being allergic to these.
  • Kaikigen bottles are made of transparent and barrier PET material.
    If you want to discard after use, please dispose based on the sorting method of the local government.
  • Keep Kaikigen out of the reach of small children to prevent accidental ingestion of the bottle or cap.
  • Please stop drinking directly with your mouth.

Preservation method

  • Kaikigen is a stock solution of lactic acid bacteria extract, so natural ingredients may precipitate and become cloudy, but there is no problem with the quality.
    In addition, the liquid color may be slightly darkened with the passage of time, but because it is derived from natural ingredients, you can drink safely without any problems.
  • Kaikigen does not contain any chemical preservatives, so be sure to keep it in a refrigerator or in a cool place after opening (keep it in the container).
  • Please do not mix medicines other than water and health drinks.
  • Close the lid tightly and save after opening the bottle, please use it early.