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In Japan's market, inexpensive supplements processed lactic acid bacteria that are easy to manufacture are mainstream. However, those products do not contain lactic acid bacteria-producing Bio-Products.
"Kai-ki-gen100" is a product processed into a powder form that is easy for us to drink. Lactzyme, a concentrated main ingredient, of "Kai-ki-gen100" is a Bio-Product produced by lactic acid bacteria.
For the production of Lactzyme, we use high-quality organic soybeans cultivated in Hokkaido. Soymilk is obtained by squeezing those soybeans and fermented with lactic acid bacteria to extract Lactzyme. The entire manufacturing process takes full 2 years.
Lactzyme is a next-generation functional ingredient that may regulate not only the intestinal immunity in the intestinal flora but also the immune function and the brain function. As a functional ingredient that realizes longevity, please confirm the function of lactic acid bacteria-producing substance by yourself via Kai-ki-gen100.
Please experience by yourself the function of the Bio-Products as a functional ingredient that realizes longevity through Kai-ki-gen 100.


Internal capacity 150g
Packaging 1.5g stick x 100
Shape Powder form


  • Granular, easy-to-drink 1.5g sticks in 100 boxes
  • Concentrate 1.5 g of stock solution on one stick (100% stock solution rate is our only)
  • In addition to 100% stock solution, pulverize the cell components to 40% of the production limit.
    Highly functional that can be realized with the double component of lactic acid bacteria extract and cells.

How to Use

  • Please mix it with drinking water and drinks such as juice and enjoy it several times a day as a guide.
    From children to the elderly, please use to maintain the health of your family.