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Lactzyme(Bio-products) is a high quality "Super food" from Japan, a longevity country.
For Lactzyme to be more effective and to satisfy more users, introducing our commitment.

Features of Our products

The company manufactures from raw materials.

In order to produce high quality Bio-Products, a high nutrient medium is required as a nutrient source for lactic acid bacteria. We use soybean (non-genetically engineered) grown without pesticides as the raw material of the culture medium at the exclusive contract farm in Hokkaido Tokachi. It requires more than 5 times the cost of commercially available soybeans, but it is a necessary choice for safety.

Soy farm producing high quality raw materials

Soy milk at high concentration is the culture medium.


In the medium of lactic acid bacteria that produces our Bio-Products (Lactzyme), heat is applied to the pesticide-free soybeans just before germination, Manufactured in a very time-consuming process using soy milk with a high concentration extracted from soy nutrients. In general, soybeans just before germination have an increased content of free amino acids, GABA, vitamin C, etc., and are rich in nutrients other than soy protein.

Selling undiluted solution with an emphasis on functionality.

Since Bio-Products (Lactzyme) is an ingredient originally produced in the intestine, it is produced by reproducing the fermentation process in the intestine.
If the intestinal flora is highly active with abundant nutrients for intestinal bacteria, a large amount of Bio-Products (Lactzyme) can be created, The production extract is absorbed from the intestinal tract and stimulates immune function.
This proportionality has been confirmed to increase or decrease in functionality depending on the concentration of the product when animal experiments or clinical trials are carried out.
In other words, the more it is supplied to the intestinal tract in the undiluted state, the better results can be expected in a concentration-dependent manner. Dilution of the stock solution for the purpose of cost reduction will surely degrade the product quality.
We concentrate the stock solution to improve functionality, but do not make the product by diluting the stock solution.

Verification of functionality by experiment.

Lactzyme is a aggregation of amino acids and peptides at high concentrations, We are verifying functionality and pursuing possibilities through experiments using cells.
In particular, Emphasis is placed on the process of what scientific reasoning to conduct the experiment, and the effects of the results are considered to the maximum extent, While notifying the results, we are conducting various experiments in a stance of developing the product.

More knowledge than anyone else.

We have Bio-Products (Lactzyme) as the only production item, and we conduct our own research from basic research and product development to manufacturing and sales.
Another characteristic of this industry is that there is a manufacturer without brains that says “I do manufacture and sell, but I don't know much about the details”.
Since it is a business related to intestinal flora, which is at the forefront of the times, we believe that we cannot gain the trust of our customers unless we have a scientific basis for our products.
Our company is led by our staff, from functional verification to individual product development, Bio-Products (Lactzyme) is a manufacturer that knows more than anything else based on many years of experience, including its characteristics and characteristics, efficacy and scientific characteristics when ingested and given by humans and animals, and movement at the cellular level. we are proud of being a professional manufacturer.

Ingredients of Bio-Products (Lactzyme)

Our Bio-Products (Lactzyme) ferment soy milk made from pesticide-free soybeans with 16 types of lactic acid bacteria, the extracted components are concentrated and sold as a sterile Lactzyme solution for various applications.
Of course, There is no dilution from the manufacturing process to the shipping stage, and no preservative additives are added.
Bio-Products (Lactzyme) immediately after culturing has a PH of about 4.0. but (excludes bulk shipment for pulverization or mixing with other raw materials), when packed into individual sterile containers as liquid health foods, a small amount of organic acid such as citric acid sometimes mixed to lower the pH to about 3.5 to provide antibacterial properties.
Even in this case, it is possible to drink as it is because the PH is about 3.5, but if you are sensitive to acidity, you can dilute with water.
In order to preserve Bio-Products (Lactzyme), we don't add very strong acids or alcohol, so we don't like the contamination of airborne bacteria. In the case of liquid stock type, please drink within one week after opening the container.